The newest, most beautiful and elegant type of glass railing. It’s name is NX50. It is differing from other models because of it’s satin finish brushed surface. For satin finish brushed surface, you have to use continous aluminium supporting profile and closing the installation details with upper covers. The cover profiles are also coming with satin finish brushed surface. You can also use glass supporting blocks in 15 cm parts then you can close the blocks with satin finished brushed surface aluminium covers. The system has two possibilities for installation according to your wishes. Part by part installation or continous profile installation. However it’s difference than others is satin finish surface which is providing beautiful view on your projects. 

 Satin Finish Brushed Surface Option 
 Elegant Design 
 Easy Installation 
 Part by Part Supporting Option 
 Unlimited View 
 Possibility to use heavy duty anchors