We would like to present our latest investment – Kochanowskiego Apartments 16. Aluminum balustrades. In an unusual place, which is an enclave of peace and quiet, which is also located in the strict and prestigious part of the city center. The investment itself is primarily targeted at people who value comfort and high quality at a reasonable price. Kochanowskiego 16 Apartment is a complex of two 5-storey buildings. In their interiors you will discover an excellent arrangement option using the highest quality materials, the latest technical solutions, providing extraordinary comfort. The apartments have spacious balconies. Both buildings are equipped with elevators. The prestige of the investment will increase the use of a modern building form and the use of subdued colors and high-quality finishing materials. The architectural style of the buildings is maintained in elegant aesthetics. Modern and exclusive finish of the main parts of the building are panoramic windows and glass balustrades on the balconies.

BTS Glass-aluminum balustrades 700 mb

End Q1 2019


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